I just finished an article on salt for Martha’s Vineyard Magazine. I have been researching salt and I came across this quote written by Reverend James Freeman in 1809. He was referring to the economic recovery after Grey’s Raid*: “The entire island had the sun to turn ocean water into salt, helped by wind power that pumped the water into the vats”.

Salt was a valuable commodity. And this is a perfect opportunity for me to promote Hiedi Feldman’s salt. She creates Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt and I think it is the most beautifully packaged little gem. I have purchased several of these packages as gifts. They are the perfect size for a travel gift and also a beauty to behold for a host who invites me to their home for dinner.

 *In 1778, A British General named Charles Grey, raided Martha’s Vineyard residents and they surrendered 10,000 head of sheep and 300 oxen, as well as most of the island’s weapons.


Republished with permission from kitchenporch.com