Martha’s Vineyard couple Curtis Friedman and Heidi Feldman of Tisbury are producing 100% natural salt made from Atlantic seawater.

Republished from New England Boating.

MV-sea-salt-2-260x236The couple collects the salt water directly from the ocean and filters it twice to remove debris and small organisms. The water is then placed in shallow evaporator ponds for 4 to 6 weeks until the remaining salt is ready for packaging. The coarse end product—referred to as a “finishing salt”—is meant to be spooned or sprinkled with the fingers onto food.

The company offers its sea salt in the following packages:

  • .3 oz. container (“The Traveler”): $4
  • 2 oz. sack (“The Hostess”) packaged in a muslin bag: $13
  • 4 oz. bag (“The Crave”): $13

Contact Information:
Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt
Call: (508-560-3315)