The Briny Beginnings of MV Sea Salt

KAREN J. COVEY Karen J. Covey covers the briny beginnings of MV Sea Salt in the 2015 Spring Edition of The Coastal Table magazine. Read the full article as a PDF.

Riding the Sea Salt Wave

Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt is riding the sea salt wave. Since November of 2013 we’ve been evaporating the cool, pristine waters of the Atlantic ocean to create the finest and most delicious sea salt for your table. Then I realized, Its March 2015, I’ve only been at this for 14 months! Wow what a ride it’s been. I wanted to see if anyone else loves sea …

Modern Farmer Shout Out

As old as is the history of producing sea salt, MV Sea Salt is in the Fall edition of Modern Farmer magazine (hard copy). Seems being salty is where it’s at! We agree. Holiday subscriptions to this edgy mag, and our MV Sea Salt are both online to meet your gift list needs.

Salt of the Sea

Centuries ago, the island of Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Cape Cod, had a thriving saltworks industry. With the launch of Tweet

6 Boston-Based Food Artisans You Should Know

The Boston area is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to food artisans. But many of the same small-batch purveyors pop up again and again on local menus – so we scoured for some new and under-the-radar names that are doing great (and delicious) things. Tweet

New American Salt: Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt

The first salt produced in what is now the United States was made, of course, by native people, though in many cases we don’t know the particular techniques used. Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto observed people living along the Mississippi Delta Tweet