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Three Vineyard-Inspired Blends


Perfect atop any cuisine, Premium is the most gorgeous, first-raked sea salt from each small batch.

Blueberry Honey

Sweet and Salty lover? Our Blueberry Honey blend may blow your mind. OG Certified blueberries, and freeze dried honey.

Lemon Dill

MV Sea Salt Lemon Dill is a blend of OG Certified or Island grown herbs sure to please everyone.

Local Smoked Oak

Local Oak Smoked imparts that summer grill flavor year round.


A sexy and healthful blend of MV Sea Salt and activated charcoal.

Premium Traveler 2016 zoom

.5 oz. “Traveler”

Travelers are dining out companions. Why suffer through table salt? Travelers also make great gifts and party favors, too. If you've got a real-deal foodie friend then the gift of a Traveler is the perfect introduction to MV Sea Salt.  Ingredients: 100% natural Vineyard sea salt. Nothing more, nothing less.

1.85 – 2.0 oz Hostess, Resealable

Perfect for everyday and always on your table. The Hostess package tucks 2.0 oz. of 100% natural Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt inside a reusable muslin bag. Better than a bottle or bread, bring a Hostess as a new home gift or to a party. Ingredients: 100% natural Vineyard sea salt. Nothing more, nothing less.

Traveler Three Pack

Travelers are great dining companions, even a nice gift. Each of our three packs is a random selection of our five varieties so even you can be a little surprised by your order. To help, we have included our use card and, oh, a nice twine bow.  Ingredients: 100% natural Vineyard sea salt as base. "Premium" is our first harvest of sea salt. "Sel Minerale" is the second sea salt harvest. "Lemon Dill" has added dried Lemon Verbena and dried Dill. "Smoked Oak" is salt smoked over Island Oak. "Blueberry Honey" has added freeze dried blueberries and honey.

Traveler Five Pack

Akin to sea salt and vinegar revelations which resulted in MV Sea Salt becoming a product, I entered a big box food store and said to myself, "Nope, smaller can be better." New! All five varieties of MV Sea Salt packaged together so you can enjoy the full range of offerings. We have included a Use Card and put everything into a recyclable cello bag. Easy to travel with, easy to gift, and best of all great tasting. We hope you feel the same.  Ingredients: 100% natural Vineyard sea salt in "Premium" and "Sel Minerale", the former being the first harvest from the salt pond and the latter, the second. "Smoked Oak" is small batch smoked on Curt's handmade smoker, with local Oak. "Lemon Dill" is Sel Minerale blended with lemon verbena and dill. "Blueberry Honey" is Sel Mineral blended with freeze dried blueberries and honey.